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A Dart package for Bioinformatics

+50 Bioinformatics Functions

+50 Bioinformatics Functions

Biokit contains over 50 Bioinformatics functions to help you get the most out of your biological data.

Generate DNA Analysis Reports

Generate DNA Analysis Reports

Need to perform detailed analysis on genetic data? BioKit can generate detailed reports in milliseconds.

Rapid Execution Speed

Rapid Execution Speed

BioKit is written in Dart, a statically typed language, making it roughly x10 faster than dynamically typed languages like Python.

Fundamental to Advanced Analysis

BioKit's object-oriented approach puts you in control with a vast array of powerful methods.

Whether you need transcribe DNA, translate RNA, generate proteins from open reading frames, calculate GC content, discover codon frequency, detect point mutations, or search for motifs, BioKit has you covered with over 50 optimized functions.

Fundamental to advanced
Combining providers

Effortless Report Generation

Generating detailed and accurate DNA analysis reports has never been easier with BioKit's report method.

Simply call the method on the sequence instance and let BioKit do the rest.

Built-in FASTA Support

BioKit makes working with FASTA formatted files a breeze.

Read in your FASTA formatted data with the readFASTA() method, and save the content of your sequences to FASTA files with the toFASTA() method.

Additionally, read in FASTA data from by passing the sequence's ID to the uniprotIdToFASTA() method.

Asynchronously loaded providers